ACS International School in Cobham, UK, has an advanced Interactive Learning Centre (iLC).

The school was concerned that the iLC’s existing projector screen was proving a disappointment, and decided to upgrade to help maintain its leading position in its market.

The 140-seat iLC presented a number of challenges for installer AvexiA. First, the screen had to deliver clear images to every seat, whatever the viewing angle and distance. Second, the iLC had very bright ambient lighting. Finally, the iLC is also used for HD videoconferencing, and it was important that participants did not look washed-out on screen.

The school looked at dnp’s Supernova Infinity Screen to replace the old screen and found the image quality and cost-effectiveness were the deciding factors against other options.

Thanks to its ISF-certified 08-85 screen material, the Supernova Screen offers high contrast and razor-sharp detail even in the brightly lit iLC.

The school was delighted with its wall-mounted dnp Supernova Infinity solution. As a leader in its field, ACS International School is judged on the quality of the education it provides. The school’s iLC now offers a step-change improvement, giving students an impressively immersive and interactive learning experience.

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