At ISE, dnp featured a meeting room that showcased their dnp LaserPanel, integrated with the Executive Classic furniture, as well as an improved version of the dnp Supernova XL — now with a less visible seam — and the dnp Supernova Flex Classic.


Another distinctive area within the stand was an independent retail/digital signage zone, where dnp demonstrated the very popular Supernova Blade and showcased a future possible transparent display solution.

Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP Global Sales & Marketing at dnp, highlighted, “With a growing recognition that ambient light levels are forever increasing, we are focusing on meeting rooms and digital signage. We are determined to show how well the dnp LaserPanel products fit into these types of applications — raising the meeting experience using these and the dnp Supernova displays.

In fact dnp has now produced a targeted Make Room For Better Meetings guide, which has been especially developed for end-users.

“It’s a subject that is being spoken about more and more,” continues Kraemmergaard. “There are five key ingredients that go into producing the optimum meeting environment and that is the Room itself, Furniture, Lighting, Display and Connectivity — and then the layout and ergonomics of the room.

“With time being such a valuable and expensive resource, there is no place in the modern age for poorly staged meetings. Better meetings make for more positive decisions, thereby increasing productivity.”