Irish collaboration technology specialist DisplayNote Technologies has signed a new agreement to bundle its collaborative presentation app, DisplayNote, on DELL’s range of interactive projectors shipping in 2016 & 2017.

The two companies have worked together to produce a complete collaborative experience for the classroom, combining the quality of DELL’s interactive projectors with the powerful ability of DisplayNote to wirelessly send what’s being shown on the projector out to students’ smartphones, tablet devices and personal computers.

DisplayNote is a screen-sharing solution that offers real-time collaboration in a flexible range of settings from lecture halls to meeting rooms. Presenters and educators can share any content to any connecting device, use their mobile device to present wirelessly and allow participants to contribute and collaborate on a presentation from their smartphone, tablet and PC.

The partnership gives DELL customers the access to DisplayNote’s presenter-to-participant screen-sharing technology, with a free four-connection license accompanying qualifying projectors.