10 curved LED displays have been added to the CentrO Mall in Germany to help improve the overall customer experience.

The displays were designed, manufactured and installed by Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) over the summer to provide flexibility in content, from advertising messages and marketing campaigns to ambient lighting and full feature clips on nearly 250 square metres of digital canvas

Four main curved displays each measure 4.44 metres high by 7.92 metres wide, each providing 35.13 square metres of digital canvas for prime messaging and features. Another six displays are installed together at the heart of this project to create a nearly 110-square-metre elliptical display that measures 1.58 metres high by 67.48 metres in circumference. All displays feature 6-millimetre line spacing to show crisp, clear imagery at closer viewing distances associated with this shopping center application.

In addition to the self-branding and atmosphere-targeted content, this installation offers special added value for tenants and external brand owners as their own content can be played on the displays as individual pieces or as part of a larger marketing campaign to generate traffic in their stores. The displays are capable of showing live and recorded video, animations and graphics, real-time information updates, and any other desired content.

“This visual centrepiece offers us almost endless possibilities to reach our visitors at all points of the customer journey with one impressive installation that astounds our customers,” said Marcus Remark, centre manager of the CentrO.