Clear-Com To Unveil First-ever Integrated-fibre Wireless Intercom Solution

Introduction of the new FreeSpeak II base station and splitter delivers built-in fibre connection option for greater reliability and larger coverage area.


During IBC 2016, Clear-Com will unveil FreeSpeak II-Base II, the new FreeSpeak II wireless base station, and the new fibre capable FreeSpeak II Splitter box (FSII-SPL). These new FreeSpeak II components perfectly complement the recently-released beltpacks and transceiver antennas to provide unprecedented coverage, flexibility and reliability for virtually any broadcast production requirements.

Some of FreeSpeak II-Base II’s distinctive features include:

  • A Base Station for digital signal transmission over 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands with an intuitive cascade menu and a browser-based Core Configuration Manager (CCM) for system configuration and real-time system changes.
  • Supports up to 25 full-duplex wireless beltpacks and covers a large production area with up to 10 distributed-antenna transceivers and two transceiver splitters spanning up to 20,000 metres from the base station over fibre connection.
  • Can be used with a headset as a Master Station for operators to communicate with anyone wired or wireless on the system.
  • Two built-in optional SFP fibre connectors for enabling either a native single-mode or multi-mode fibre link between base stations and the new FreeSpeak II Splitter (FSII-SPL).
  • Multiple 2-wire and 4-wire ports are also available to connect with any industry-standard analogue partyline and 4-wire audio devices, respectively.
  • 7kHz wideband audio for the most natural, digital sound.
The new FreeSpeak II Splitter (FSII-SPL) connects up to five FreeSpeak II transceiver modules from one of two antenna ports on the FreeSpeak II-Base II via the SFP fibre connectors; it offers five RJ45 Ethercon connectors, LED status indicators for each connection, and a DIP switch for setting CAT5 or fibre operation.

It can be mounted into the 1RU Splitter Rack, which holds up to two splitters, or on a microphone stand or against the wall. The box is IP-54 rated, approved for outdoor use, so water-protective housing is not required.