ISE 2019: Head Into the Future with Christie MicroTiles LED

Nearly a decade after the launch of Christie MicroTiles and myriad installations around the world, Christie has taken a bold step into the future with Christie MicroTiles LED. The smaller, brighter, more powerful, and more flexible Christie MicroTiles LED made its global debut at ISE 2019.

Delivering P3 color space, fully compliant HDR-10 and patented software that keeps the wall calibrated at 97 percent or greater uniformity, Christie MicroTiles LED are suitable for broadcast sets, corporation venues, museums, retail, stadiums, arenas, and higher education.

The Christie MicroTiles LED proprietary QuickMount system eliminates alignment challenges typically associated with installing LED by using precisely-machined mounting sheets and wall anchors that can be easily installed onto nearly any surface.

Once the laser cut sheet is mounted, the small size and light weight of the cabinet-free tiles reduces installation complexity while saving space and increasing flexibility.

Displays can be created in any shape and size, including 90-degree inside/outside corners and both concave and convex curves.

The powerful capabilities of Christie MicroTiles LED include 12-bit 4K at 120Hz input sources, integrated image processing, and scaling and simple switching, all of which combine to deliver impressive image performance.

A single PoE Cat6 Ethernet cable is all that is required to connect each module to the entire display for a clean and simple cabling solution, dramatically reducing points of failure of typical LED cabinet design. With the click-n- go magnetic tiles, populating the display with LED tiles is incredibly fast.

Hot-swappable, front serviceable tiles give technicians complete access to all parts while
indicator lights give technicians at-a-glance status confirmation.

For added convenience, the remote power and control system allows components to be installed in convenient, accessible locations away from the video wall, removing heat, noise and complexity.

The intuitive, easy-to-use web-based control interface can be accessed from any connected device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile device. MicroTiles LED’s web user interface gives users complete command of display setup, control and management. And by adding Christie or third- party processing, media servers or content management solutions, customers benefit from a completely optimized workflow.