Christie RealLaser Colors First All-Pure Laser Multiplex in Hualien City

The avant-garde façade of Vieshow Cinemas Hualien Paradiso

Christie has announced that its next-generation RealLaser cinema projectors have been deployed at the newest multiplex on the east coast of Taiwan.

Located in Hualien, Vieshow Cinemas Hualien Paradiso is the first cinema complex in Taiwan to be fully equipped with state-of-the-art RGB pure laser projection systems.

5 auditoriums are powered by Christie’s RGB pure laser projection systems comprising the
leading-edge 4K-resolution CP4325-RGB and 2K-resolution CP2315-RGB models. The cinema complex has been designed and built by Taiwan Innovation and Development Corporation (TIDC), and is operated by Vieshow Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in Taiwan.

The installation and maintenance of the projection systems were undertaken by Christie’s
longstanding Taiwanese partner, Dacoms Technology.

“This cinema has been named ‘Paradiso’ (from the 1988 film Cinema Paradiso) to invoke
nostalgia of classic movies, but the entire building has an avant-garde feel and fitted with cutting-edge technology,” said Fu-sheng Chiu, President, TIDC.

“Vieshow Cinemas Hualien Paradiso marks our inaugural entry into the film exhibition business, and we’ve chosen Christie RealLaser cinema projectors due to their long-lasting, high performance light source and compact form factor.”

“They are also future-proofed with High Frame Rate capabilities, with an upgrade path for 4K 120fps playback. I’m confident that our audiences will enjoy a spectacular movie-viewing experience with the Christie cinema projectors that we have invested in.”

Plush sofa seats in one of the auditoriums (left) powered by the Christie CP2315-RGB RealLaser projector

The 4 CP2315-RGB units are fitted in Halls A to D, with a combined capacity of over 380
seats, while the CP4325-RGB will be deployed in the larger S auditorium, boasting a 16-
meter wide screen and a capacity of 448 seats.

Together, the Christie RealLaser family of projectors offers much benefits to exhibitors, directors and producers, including being the first truly affordable direct-coupled RGB pure laser projection system for mainstream auditoriums, a much-increased colour palette approaching Rec. 2020 and over 30,000 hours of theater operation without lamp changes.

Emily Hong, President, Dacoms Technology, noted,

“Christie’s RealLaser cinema projectors represents the epitome of mainstream projection technology. The decision by TIDC to equip its first cinema complex in Hualien with Christie RealLaser is a clear testimony of the projectors’ high performance, reliability and ease of maintenance”.

“Vieshow Cinemas Hualien Paradiso now joins a steadily growing number of exhibitors in Taiwan that have embraced Christie RealLaser; a high point in laser-illuminated projection.”

Han Kim, Senior Director, Asia Pacific Cinema Sales, Christie, added, “We’re delighted that
TIDC has invested in our CP4325-RGB and CP2315-RGB pure laser cinema projectors to
deliver the most outstanding cinematic visuals to audiences in Hualien and surrounding areas on Taiwan’s east coast. Our Christie RealLaser product portfolio are perfect successors to lamp-and-laser phosphor projectors, and they represent the future of cinema projection.”

Christie’s RealLaser series offers all the advantages of RGB pure laser in a compact “all-in-
one” form. This eliminates the need for sub-ambient external cooling, further reducing
operational cost.

Consistently delivering excellent image quality and brightness above DCI standards throughout the projector’s natural life. All this for over 30,000 hours of operation
and without lamp changes.

The Christie CP2315-RGB in one of the projection booths

Since their official launch, the CP4325-RGB and CP2315-RGB have been embraced by exhibitors around the world as the best replacements for lamp-based projection systems and new installations.

These include Wanda Cinema Line in China, Vieshow Cinemas, Showtime Cinemas and Cinemark Cinema in Taiwan, HOYTS Cinemas in Australia, Major Cineplex in Thailand, Cinema 21 in Indonesia, and CGR Cinemas in France (making CGR the world’s largest investor in Christie RGB laser cinema projection, as it moves to convert all 700 of its theaters to RGB pure laser technology).