Rear Projection Video Wall of Hangzhou Public Security Command Centre Hall.

The 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit was successfully held in China during 4-5 September. During the summit, VTRON provided command and control display solutions and services to numerous important organisations in Hangzhou including security, traffic, electricity and Alibaba. To ensure all display systems working properly during G20 summit, VTRON set up an emergency support team consisting of project manager, R&D, engineer, on-site technical support staff to 24-hour standby and offer contingency services.

Hangzhou security
VTRON provided onsite support for 4 VTRON’s display systems at Hangzhou Public Security 110 command centre (64pcs of rear projection cubes and Digicom® Ark3000 processor), information centre, decision-making centre and command hall. All these centres are able to exchange information and carry out comprehensive coordination by means of VTRON’s VWAS software.

Hangzhou transportation
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport used 2 sets of VTRON’s large display systems (67” 2X8, 67” 2X6 rear projection cubes) to provide terminal internal monitoring and flight scheduling.

Hangzhou Metro OCC adopted VTRON’s 3×16 rear projection cube video wall to carry out command and control by connecting with other 6 sets of more than 100 rear projection cubes at metro operation control centre, integrated monitoring centre and operation monitoring centre.

Hangzhou Subway
Hangzhou Subway

Zhejiang Provincial Highway Administration Bureau adopted VTRON’s systems for real-time highway information.

Hangzhou Electricity
State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company Power Dispatch Control Centre has adopted P1.92 LED video wall which comprises of 288 small LED modules to monitor, command, schedule the entire power grid during G20 submit. After the submit, VTRON received their appreciation letter recognising the good performance and high stability of VTRON’s display system and onsite support.

Hangzhou Alibaba

Rear projection cube video wall at Alibaba
Rear projection cube video wall at Alibaba

Alibaba’s headquarters is based in Hangzhou that has deployed 40pcs of rear projection cubes to present the group’s diversified businesses. By means of VTRON’s visualisation solution and integrated control software APPMaster, 16 output signals of multiple business applications can be centralised and managed in one server and visualised on one video wall. During G20 submit, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other country leaders had exchange or seek for cooperation with Alibaba.