The new HQUltra4030 scaler-switcher is able to support up to 40 sources grouped into 23 discrete input channels, with four programme outputs plus an independent confidence monitor output. The HQUltra4030 delivers perfect 4K/UltraHD scaling via Calibre’s proprietary, best-in-class low-latency HQUltra technology, with all programme outputs capable of simultaneously supporting up to 4K50/60 4:4:4 RGB formats. Calibre’s unique HQUltraFast technology seamlessly delivers typical input channel switching of 0.25 seconds in matrix switching with dissolve and fade transitions.


The HQUltra4030 delivers up to 8K total programme output pixel area (over 44 Megapixel total output area) with 90GB/s output processing bandwidth.

“Our industry is undergoing a pixel explosion,” said Willy Tsai, Executive Vice President at Calibre UK. “LED screens are getting finer and finer in pixel pitch but the size of the actual screen is remaining static so the total number of pixels per screen is growing exponentially with many LED screens now significantly exceeding 4K total resolution. That creates huge content management challenges. The HQUltra4030 responds to that proliferation of pixels, proving a breadth of functionality and a level of performance that is simply unequalled in the industry.”

The newly-launched HQUltra4030 models provide all the functionality and performance of the base HQUltra4000 models, but more than doubles the number of scaling channels to 12 – four main, seven multi-layer PiPs/layers in total as well as a scalable background layer for each channel. The HQUltra4030S additionally provides eight 12G-SDI input channels and four 12G-SDI outputs, while the HQUltra4030FS supports SFP+ 12G-SDI optical I/O.

The HQUltra4030 can drive any type of video display device, including projectors, LCDs and LEDs in any fixed installation or rental/staging environment. It is also ideal for the growing number of videowall installations with its custom LED videowall menus that allow users to quickly and pixel-accurately size any input source on the wall. The scaled image can be distributed across all four outputs, perfectly aligned and synchronised, allowing the HQUltra4030 to drive a programme surface area (whether for separate displays or a single videowall) up to true 8K/QuadUHD – an incredible 8192×4340 pixel area.

Standard input connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, Composite, RGB and H.264 HD streaming video, while front panel HDMI-in and USB connectors make for easy access.