This October and November Broadcast Solutions GmbH, together with industry partners, will show the latest technology innovations during their Broadcast Innovation Days events in Asia. As the latest in a row of successful events the German system integrator held all over the world Broadcast Solutions will host two events, one in Jakarta (31 October) and one in Hanoi (3 November). Partner companies to join the events include Riedel, IHSE and Zenon Media.

Together with industry partners Broadcast Solutions GmbH will be hosting two events in the course of their Broadcast Innovation Days series in Asia with the title “Think Big – Start Small – The Power to Scale”. With partners Riedel, IHSE and Zenon Media the companies will show the latest innovations in the area of broadcast technology and share their knowledge on workflow optimization. The two events will take place in Jakarta (31 October) and Hanoi (3 November). With combining hands-on demonstrations and presentations the partners will pass on their knowhow and expertise to the visitors. The first day of the events will be used for lectures and demonstrations. All partners will be available on a second subsequent day for private meetings and in-depth demonstrations

Topics to be discussed (among others) will be how to streamline your broadcast workflow, future-proof solutions for broadcasters as well as discussing the needs and solutions for local broadcast companies to meet the changing production demands.


Visitors will have the chance to learn about Broadcast Solutions’ Streamline OB Van family of pre-configured and nearly “off-the-shelf” OB Vans, that can be delivered in a very short time with significant cost-advantages. Further on display will be the complete portfolio of multichannel recording and slow motion servers and video judging solutions from

Also present are innovative and cost effective Software based solutions, as well as Satcom antennas and Robycam stabilized rail and “flying” camera systems. Additionally on display will be IHSE’s products for sophisticated KVM solutions that enable operators, engineers and producers to manage any device from any workstation, delivering greater flexibility, increased efficiency and enhanced system security and reliability.

Intercom and network specialist Riedel will focus on its MicroN product that, with its de-centralized routing capabilities, has the power and flexibility to build a flexible and agile production system. The newest member of Riedel’s MediorNet family, MicroN features easy-to-use configuration options that provide increased reliability and versatility.

Zenon Media will show how a modern radio automation system simplifies the daily work in a radio station. From import and management of all the data (audio, metadata, but also any side meta’s like pictures and videos), it’s reasonable and efficient combination to a playlist, of course the playout on multiple channel broadcast layers up to statistics and reports, like royalty reports or commercial / advertisement reports.

Interested parties may register for the Broadcast Innovation Days in Jakarta and Hanoi at website A detailed programme can be found on the website as well.