Bosch introduces the PRAESENSA

Setting a new industry benchmark, Bosch recently introduced the PRAESENSA, the company’s latest Public Address and Voice Alarm System that is both fully-featured and IP-based.

All components of the PRAESENSA system are networked, ensuring the highest flexibility and scalability from small centralised to large decentralised systems. The Bosch OMNEO IP architecture supports Dante audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocol.

The PRAESENSA offers special features for the highest level of data security and full network link redundancy with smart integration of functions and backup facilities. No single point of failure is core to the system concept and only a few different devices are needed to fulfil all system and user needs.

It also offers full sound control per zone to create the right atmosphere with background music and to meet speech intelligibility requirements for business and emergency operations.

The system features a multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation across the amplifier outputs and integrated spare channel, improving the effective utilisation of available power regardless of the loudspeaker load in each zone. As a result, fewer amplifiers are needed, saving up to 50% on space, energy and backup battery power.

Visitors learning more about the PRAESENSA system’s amplifier architecture

Other devices used in the PRAESENSA system include the PRA-MPS3 multifunction power supply, combining multiple functions into a single compact device to serve several PRAESENSA devices. It acts as an enabler for decentralised system topologies with several smaller racks or cabinets located across the premises to reduce loudspeaker cabling costs, but can also be used in a centralised system.

The intuitive interface of the PRA-CSLD Desktop LCD call station provides an optimised user experience through an effective combination of touch screen and selection buttons, with the PRA-CSE call station extension. Clear progress guidance and status feedback ensure comfort and ease of use for operators.

The PRA-CSLW Wallmount LCD call station

There is also the PRA-CSLW Wallmount LCD call station, which provides a hand-held omni-directional microphone, as well as a built-in loudspeaker for call monitoring and a socket to connect a local background music source. It can be installed in a wall mount cabinet, or flush mounted on a panel.

The PRAESENSA is the latest in innovations since the first networked digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System that Bosch introduced 15 years ago, and will be available at the end of this year. Watch a video of the system in action here.