Barco celebrates 1,000+ Nexxis installations in digital operating rooms worldwide


Nexxis, the revolutionary IP-based OR imaging management platform developed by medical imaging expert Barco, is quickly gaining momentum. Currently, over 1,000 operating rooms worldwide are already equipped with the system, which allows hospitals to tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s highly dynamic surgical environments.

Nexxis is designed for integration into the digital OR and allows healthcare professionals to seamlessly connect, route and share high-resolution (4K) medical imaging and audio in and between operating rooms; an important asset in enhancing operational efficiency, team collaboration, and surgical precision. After its initial roll-out in Europe, the solution is gaining popularity in the North-American and Asia Pacific markets as well.

How Nexxis meets today’s OR needs
Nexxis’ IP-centric approach ensures high-quality imaging and smooth distribution of uncompressed medical video, graphics, audio and computer data throughout the OR, with near-zero latency. In this way, Nexxis meets the imaging needs of today’s increasingly complex operating environments. “We’re pleased to see how an increasing number of hospitals are seizing the power of IP to optimize their performance in and beyond operating rooms,” says Johan Stockman, VP Strategic Marketing Surgical Imaging at Barco. “The fact that we have surpassed the 1,000-installation landmark is proof that the solution responds to a clear need.”

What the customers say
“Because of its uncompromised image quality, ease of use, scalability and reliability, Nexxis offers a future-proof solution for video distribution inside and outside the OR,” says Robert Elfrink, medical physicist at the Elkerliek hospital. “Now, our OR healthcare staff can fully concentrate on patient care without having to worry about technical issues.”

Dr. Peter Müller, senior physician trauma surgery at the Augsburg Hospital, explains how Nexxis contributes to the economic viability of the hospital: “Purchasing an imaging modality for each OR would be both too expensive as well as ineffective. Nexxis, however, allows us to share the devices and use signal sources between ORs.”