Visitors to The Barclaycard Arena can now use the Arena App to comfortably and cashlessly order drinks, which can then be collected from specially marked dispensaries and outlets provided around the venue. This enhancement reduces waiting times and enhances experience and comfort for guests.


The App, however, can do much more by allowing users to set preferences, favourites and reminders giving the app the opportunity to deliver push notifications of relevant events, offers and important communications.

Information including admission times, support acts and traffic information are also relayed via the app, with regular promotion of the app being delivered around the arena via the digital signage deployment. Available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play, the app also enables the user to purchase Premium tickets for events.

Anschutz Entertainment, in cooperation with Tripleplay, has delivered a complex digital signage project with the implementation and installation of 314 screens which are individually and centrally controlled.

Via the Digital Signage solution, Digital Menu Boards enable Barclaycard Arena to tailor food and beverage offers for particular audiences, ensuring a more personal experience.

Tripleplay’s Digital Signage platform also delivers a “wayfinding system” allowing the arena to attract the attention of visitors by delivering real-time traffic information, supply railway updates and general congestion.

Also installed are 12.50 m2 LED surfaces on the pillars of the Carlsberg Bar circulating the arena, which will be used in the future to deliver atmospheric animations and advertisements and a network of 27 special digital portrait screens.

More information for the app can be found here.