SpinetiX, a leading specialist in Digital Signage solutions and Axis Communications developed a solution to enhance the digital screens in shops with live-video and real-time information based on the situation in the store.

To provide their customers with the perfect shopping experience, many retailers already use screens for digital ads to raise awareness and sales as well as to inform about products and services. Adding live video elevates the experience even further as visitors are becoming captivated and engaged.

Axis Communications and SpinetiX have teamed up to create a powerful and smart streaming solution to innovate the Public View Monitor or Confrontation Screen at shop entrance. By combining the Axis network cameras with SpinetiX HMP players, the screen at the shop entrance turns into an interactive welcome-screen. The retailer can include security to alert entering customers that video surveillance is in operation as part of the aesthetically pleasing in-store communications.

Dream team Digital Signage and IP-Video
The HMP player gets the live stream directly from the door- or entrance-facing network-camera and displays it on the Welcome-screen. No PC or additional cabling is necessary. There is almost no limitation about what kind of information can be displayed: live videos, audio, texts, images, graphs etc. or in which position or size. That is for example the perfect place to alert customers to local sales promotions, staff photos, welcome messages, local weather forecasts or emergency and safety alerts.

Intelligent solution automatically reacts to events in real-time
The solution becomes even smarter when used with Axis’ event triggering. The HMP player handles incoming event information directly from the network camera to automatically change the screen content based on a pre-defined shop scenario. For example, every 10th visitor can be rewarded with a coupon triggered by the connected people counter.

“Our goal is to unlock the full potential of digital signage for all our customers,” said Francesco Ziliani, CEO of SpinetiX. “The technological partnership with Axis is the perfect opportunity in modern retail environments to combine the power of real time video and intelligent visual communication.” he added.

“This smart integration of live video and digital signage helps retailers to provide a unique shopping experience by reacting to the momentary situation in the store – automatically and in real-time”, explains Ralph Siegfried, Business Development Manager Retail at Axis Communications Middle Europe

The solution fits shops of any size and is scalable for any number of screens or number of shops. The HMP player is based on open standards and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing and future architecture.