Sustainability and Social Responsibility Through Sport. The fourth edition of the Indian Audio-Visual Cricket League – the new genre sporting entertainment among Bengaluru AV fraternity – will kick off this Saturday. As many as 24 teams will compete in knock-out format for the championship that is scheduled to be held at the Central College Grounds in India’s ‘Silicon City’ amidst much fanfare, and, of course with that trusted ‘social responsibility.’


The Audio-Visual Cricket League (AVCL) – conceived and promoted by two of Indian AV’s most prominent names Naveen Sridhara and Bharath Kumar Allur – with three successful runs in three years, is a phenomenon in itself today. The leisure sporting entertainment event aimed at bringing together the AudioVisual communities in the AV capital of India, with an inherent message of ‘sustainability and social responsibility through sport’ has been arguably the most-awaited and anticipated event in the local industry.

With the spirit of coming together only increasing by the year among the AVians, the third edition last year (2018) saw the event AVCL scaling new highs of professionalism and excitement. It had all sorts of funtainment with some of the audiences performing popular movie star’s antics and exhilarating dances that were given a new flavour of entertainment with a professional Emcee engaging the gathering with all his commentary skills.

The positive intent and excitement of the tournament has been such that all the 24 teams that had competed in 2018 have confirmed their participation at the very first go of the word this year. There were actually a few more teams eagerly waiting if they could get a slot to show up their on-field sporting skills.

Considering the excitement, and with a view to facilitating other enthusiasts participation, both the Organizers of the tournament – beyerdynamic and Kramer – have relinquished their slots thereby allowing for new entries.

“AVCL is a name in the industry today; truly a phenomenon in its own right,” says Naveen Sridhara one of the two Patrons of the sporting event. “We are only glad that it is evolving the way we had envisioned- sport, sustainability and social responsibility,” he said.

“It’s coming together of the AV fraternity – away from their professional rigours for a day-off, flex up their inner zeal for socializing through sport and do their bit for society.”

Endorses Bharath Kumar: “AVCL is shaping up exactly the way it was intended. It’s not just about expressing oneself on the field to play up some stress-busters; it’s about harmonizing, connecting and contributing,” he said. “People gather there to harmonize oneself with nature-the fresh outdoors, and breathe free for the day; connect with the industry in an altogether different way; then contribute a mite to the society.”

It’s been the practice that the entire proceeds of the AVCL are donated as charity to NGOs every year. The full costs of the tourney including the prize money are borne by beyerdynamic and Kramer while the participation fee is fully donated as charity towards social welfare.

“It’s one way of getting the industry ranks together and contributing to society as AV community together,” the AVCL promoter-duo assert. “The confidence with which we ideated this is only reinforced every time with renewed enthusiasm,” they say. “That’s the hallmark of the event, irrespective of the Winners or Runners. It’s a common good.”
AVCL does have a cricketing spec or two of its own that are interesting for a sports buff.

Just only for the record sake, and the new gazers of this event, SigmaAVIT was the Champion of AVCL-I, while they were declared joint-winners along with Ample Technology for AVCL-II where the final got curtailed due to rain.

Ample – one of the powerful teams of AVCL with some truly awesome cricketing talents – appeared they weren’t quite taken with the rain interruption to their enthusiasm. They came back rather strongly during AVCL-III last year, and were unstoppable all through- till they won the Championship. Ironically though, Simga AVIT ended up Runners.

However, there were some truly swashbuckling knocks from batsmen while spirited bowling performances too from the competitors. On the team front, Panasonic and DNI have been very grittily competitive while on the individual brilliance front, cricketers from teams such as IAV-AVID, EIS Techinfra, and HMPL have entertained the gathering with some lusty hitting and rattling bowling.

“Changing the venue, and more importantly, the timing of the event have been a great benefiting factor,” say the AVCL patrons. “First week of December is very ideal in terms of weather, and industry atmosphere as well. With professional event managers and Emcee bringing in that ‘zing’ thing, the tourney is turning out to be the real in-thing,” they say. “We hope the AVCL-IV revs up the reputation still high.”

“The think-tank of AVCL have been innovative on building the tempo, as well as spreading some ‘pills of wisdom‘ to the participants. They conduct AVCL Quiz during few days run-up to the event. Some real, incredible questions are posed on the AVCL WhatsApp group, and the winners are presented with surprise gifts from the Organizers- beyerdynamic and Kramer.

The initiative was an instant hit- not just because the group members poured in their responses; but it showed their knowledge and insight about the game of cricket.

“That’s the beauty of this event. It made a very exciting connect,” said Bharath & Naveen. “The objective is to keep that going forward for further good.”

The AVCL think-tank has a Core Team of four- Naveen and Bharath supported by Mahesh Kumar (Mak) of Extron, and Ram Bhavanashi (of Systems Integration Asia magazine). Mak brings in a great deal of expertise on event smooth going, while Ram peps up the media platform for industry’s reckoning.

Together, the Core Team ideates on making the event more and inviting and exciting.

Creating AVCL souvenirs has been one such idea while felicitating industry leaders from Bengaluru has been the other.

“We have also been contemplating getting someone from professional cricket, as an inspiration for the gathering, and a point or two to drive home,” inform the AVCL promoters. “Hopefully we will do it soon.”

The AVians in Bengaluru are awaiting yet another entertainer of their own kind.