AudioForum@ISE 2019

Back for its 13th edition, AudioForum, the educational event dedicated to the audio community will return to ISE 2019 with a new format and new topics.

The event will will take place on Monday 4th February 2019, the eve of ISE, at RAI Amsterdam from 10am (10’00hrs) to 4pm (16’00hrs), in a new location, room F002.

AudioForum was created in 2013 to provide continuous technical and market updates on the most important audio topics, from one year to the next. It is an educational event that condenses seminars, workshops, updating, networking and conviviality into one day.The event is organized by Connessioni in cooperation with AES – Audio Engineering Society, and supported by Integrated Systems Europe. Sponsored by Genelec and EPA Sound.

The topic for 2019 edition will be: Acoustic and sound environments and settings and will focus on acoustics, psychoacoustics, management and control of sound diffusion,
acoustic wellbeing and sound reinforcement.

This year’s AudioForum aims to investigate the concept of sound environments and settings: the relationship between quality sound diffusion, architectural and environmental acoustics, the listening experience, acoustic wellbeing and related psychological implications.

Whether it is a voice or sounds and music, the proper and comfortable use of a sound
stimulus is obtained by the sum of acoustic and electro-acoustic adjustments. A proper and
comfortable listening environment, independently of the size or destination of use, is
obtained by calibrating architectural and structural features with a well-designed sound
installation that is properly installed and optimized, thanks in part to modern technologies
and techniques of sound control.

In this way, the listener will be able to appreciate both the sound content in and of itself and the positive experience of its usage. An experience that includes aspects of acoustic wellbeing, without leaving out psychological variables.

The human auditory system processes sound before the visual one does, and at a deeper level, too. So much so that even a consciously imperceptible stimulus can influence peoples’ experience, perceptions and behaviour in the background.

AudioForum@ISE 2019’s program was created to involve both professionals with technical training – sound designers, systems integrators, sound engineers, acoustic specialists, multimedia producers, etc. – and those coming from the world of architectural and environmental design – architects, consultants, engineers, etc. It may also be of interest to all those called to manage environments and spaces, such as the directors of hotels, schools and universities, public, sporting or cultural areas, etc.

The speakers will be renowned consultants, architects, acoustics specialists, many of them
already present during the past editions: Donato Masci, Acoustic Designer at Studio Sound Service, Thomas Lund, Senior Technologist at Genelec. New voices will be Maestro Alfonso Belfiore, Electronic Music Professor and Coordinator of the Department of Music and New Technologies of the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence (Italy), Cees Mulder, Teacher in Acoustics at Faculty of Design Science of the University Antwep and Frans Ockeloen, AES Memeber of the Dutch Section.

For more information and to reserve your ticket, click here: AudioForum