AudioForum was created by the Italy-based communication company Connessioni, with the purpose of creating up-to-date seminars and workshops dedicated to consultants, sound designers, companies and anyone interested in knowing more about the latest technology and tendencies in audio.

Every year, AudioForum features speakers who are accredited experts in sound design and engineering. Every one of them comes from various audio backgrounds backed with a solid experience in the field. The seminars are usually followed by Q&A sessions.

During InfoComm India 2016, AudioForum will celebrate its 10th edition and this year’s seminar will focus on the relation between good design and good listening. In the 2014 AudioForum held in India, the focus was on Loudspeakers systems and design. In 2015, AudioForum spoke about Audio diffusion in different environments, and now, in 2016, AudioForum will be presenting the natural evolution of this route by introducing the concept of audio quality in relation to different situations, environments, systems.

The event will take place on Wednesday 14th September 2016, during InfoComm India 2016, one of the most high profile trade show in South Asia dedicated to audio and video technologies and to systems integration.

AudioForum@IFI is organised with the support of InfoCommAsia, the organiser of InfoComm India 2016, and is part of the official curriculum proposed for the show. The event is also supported by AES (Audio Engineering Society India) and EEMA India (Event & Entertainment Management Association). Powersoft Audio is also a sponsor of the event.

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Time Programme
10.15 Welcome to delegates & Introduction
10.30 – 11.30 Application of Loudspeaker Systems in Various Demographics
Warren de Souza, EEMA Member, Managing Director of
The speaker will analyze different designing &integration turnkey sound systems at various stadiums, arenas and entertainment spaces for live and televised events. The examples will come form the personal experience of the speakers and will focus the reaching the quality in listening.
11.30 – 12.30 System Design & Solutions: How to Secure an Uninterrupted Signal Path and Ensure the Loudspeaker System Will Always Perform with the Best Audio Quality
Marc Kocks – Business Development Manager for Fixed Install at Powersoft
This seminar will focus on audio quality and consistency of system design for live sound and fixed installation. The speaker will lead you to determine the criteria for the best sounding and failsafe system design. Next to system tuning with cross-over, equalizer and limiter settings this seminar will focus on power management, cooling requirements, remote control, audio networking and monitoring of the audio system.
12.30 – 13.15 Active & Passive Loudspeaker
Clifford Pereira, AES Member, Customer Support Engineer Genelec
The speaker will offer an introduction on active and passive loudspeakers and systems, showing how to use the right solution for the best quality in different situations.
13.15 – 13.30 Q&A, Open Mic Session