Ashly Audio Integrates with mXa-1502 Mixer Amp

Ashly Audio’s new mXa-1502 Mixer Amp is a completely integrated product bringing 4 zones of mixing and DSP, plus 2 x 150W of power and programmable mic preamps and a complete DSP suite – all made simple in a single, compact, elegant rack- mountable unit.

The design highlights Ashly’s belief that integrated products – combined with simplicity in installation and use – is critical for contractors in today’s installation market.

The mXa-1502 is primed to help integrators win more clients among the small- and medium-sized business, especially in the sectors of retail, hospitality, and house of worship.

Integrators can easily perform system configuration and deliver long-term service thanks to the mixer amp’s built-in web server, which offers a web-based control platform.

If an end user requires assistance, an integrator could first login to the controls remotely online before rolling a truck out to the site.

Further, the control system, AquaControl, doesn’t require extensive tutorials or workshops to master. No need to spend a week in class in order to certify a system. Ashly has put a focus on ensuring the most intuitive interface ever, with different levels of control for both the beginner user and the integrator.