Apart Audio Announces KUBO Series

Apart Audio has announced the launch of their new KUBO Series, created as a result of increased market demand for more stylish and subtle-looking audio products.

The KUBO Series comes with a 3” full-range driver unit (KUBO3, KUBO3T) or 5.25” two-way loudspeaker system (KUBO5, KUBO5T) and bass reflex port providing a dynamic bass response. Both sizes are available in an 8 ohm version or a T-version with a rotatable 70/100 volt power tapping selector, with 16 ohm connection. The unseen original and timeless KUBO cabinet will blend audio in with any kind of interior, adding elegance to each and every architect designed environment.

Features include: a 140° vertical or horizontal installation angle making it possible to fit the loudspeaker very close to the wall or ceiling, installer-friendly end caps, power selector rotary, and in & link connection with euroblock connectors.

Watch the KUBO Series product video here.