The Ascendar 48 switcher connected to a Pro media server and controlled via the Vertige


Following the recent acquisition of Picturall, Analog Way introduces its own range of Premium Media Servers. Built on Analog Way’s long experience in ruggedized image processing hardware used for fixed installations and live events, the new Analog Way Picturall series has been designed to provide a robust, heavy-duty platform and deliver optimized uptimes and durability. This new range is based on the Picturall rock-solid Linux software engine, result of 10 years of R&D development and field experience and renowned for its extreme reliability, easy setup and flexible control solutions. With resolutions up to 8K, cutting edge uncompressed playback performance and the ability to drive a large number of 4K@60 projectors or LED processors from a single server unit, the new Analog Way media servers are the natural choice to drive corporate events, live shows, high-end theatre productions or large-scale digital signage projects around the world.


Four models were shown at ISE: Twin, Quad, Pro and the Uncompressed model. The Pro model offers 16 4K output in a single chassis with the Uncompressed model offering similar outputs to the Pro but with a super fast SSD Driver that is able to handle 8K resolutions.

At the booth, Analog Way displayed how the different solutions from the company come together to offer a seamless operating system.