Absen held the 93rd ACE (Absen Certified Engineers) training session in New Delhi, India, from Aug 28-30, with 20+ technicians and engineers from different customers.

As a free-value added program for Absen customers, the training covers the basics of LED displays and expands to include more advanced technical knowledge and know-how.

Participating engineers and technicians had the opportunity to learn and master advanced LED display technologies, with hands-on experience troubleshooting real-life scenarios.

Only the participants who passed both the written and hands-on exams were recognized as qualified Absen Certified Engineers (ACE).

Absen provides not only high-quality products but also excellent service support, demonstrating its committed to providing maximum value for its customers.

ACE training is a critical aspect of this commitment to service and support, as it ensures the human capital necessary to resource after-sales service in India and across the world.

To this end, Absen has held 93 ACE training sessions that have produced more than 1300 certified engineers worldwide.

According to Rajesh Patkar, Absen’s sales director of Indian market, “The first training session by Absen in India has been a success. It was attended by our partners in rental as well as SI market.”

“We plan to have at least 3-4 training sessions every year for the next three years so that we can improve the knowledge level in the service industry. This is a start Absen will certainly benefit from.”

As a trusted LED display supplier, Absen has a proven track record globally, and has occupied the position of leading Chinese exporter of LED displays for ten consecutive years.

Absen has a 12 years’ history of exploring Indian market and also a close relationship with all their partners.

According to Brian Cao, the sales director of Absen’s APAC market, “After years of innovation and development, Absen leads the way in LED display standards. We not only provide our partners and customers products of solid quality, but also service.”

“We value the ecosystem of this industry and maximize customers’ value by providing professional and prompt service to our customers when collaborating on a project. Absen’s ACE training is part of the service systems, we also provide door-to-door maintenance service all across India.”

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